• GET: retrieves information from the specified source (you just saw this one!)
  • POST: sends new information to the specified source.
  • PUT: updates existing information of the specified source.
  • DELETE: removes existing information from the specified source.

Types of messagesEdit

  • 1xx: You won't see these a lot. The server is saying, "Got it! I'm working on your request."
  • 2xx: These mean "okay!" The server sends these when it's successfully responding to your request. (Remember when you got a "200" back from Codecademy?)
  • 3xx: These mean "I can do what you want, but I have to do something else first." You might see this if a website has changed addresses and you're using the old one; the server might have to reroute the request before it can get you the resource you asked for.
  • 4xx: These mean you probably made a mistake. The most famous is "404," meaning "file not found": you asked for a resource or web page that doesn't exist.
  • 5xx: These mean the server goofed up and can't successfully respond to your request.